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My name is Michael Karrer and I'm a professional photographer living in Humboldt County. I sincerely believe there is an image for everyone -- my joy is taking pictures that say more than a thousand words to you. My goal is to capture with a lens the ordinary and extra-ordinary world around us. If my photography stirs your soul, I have met my goal. I hope you enjoy my unique Double Exposure and Time Lapse Art as much as I love creating it.  I particularly enjoy this effect with my music photographs.

I'm a Humboldt County photographer because that's where I live. But I find moving photographic subjects where ever I am. To me there is just as much beauty in the desert, as on the prairie or in urban centers -- or even in a puddle !   So although I'm a Northern California photographer, location doesn't limit my photographic art. It does allow me to capture giant Redwood trees, crashing waves in the Pacific Ocean, big ships in Humboldt Bay, intriguing tree frogs and people with their family, horses and dogs having fun.

There is an image for everyone, so please, sit back and find yours!