About Karrer Photography:
I've always loved photography and capturing those "special images" or "rare scenes" on film when lucky enough to do so. The art of photography in itself is amazing to me. There are so many ways to take a picture! So many things to take a picture of! So many different settings for the camera to capture them with!  I especially enjoy coming up with original double exposure art and time lapse art photographs.

I have been a General Contractor all of my adult life. It's always been a pleasure to build something that will be around for many years to come and to know that YOU accomplished that. Now it's time to take that into a new direction.

I'm always searching to find new and interesting subjects and ways to make them even more interesting. Ways to give them a little "twist" to make them different. I hope that by sharing them with everyone, you will find as much joy in viewing them as I did finding them.

Please contact Karrer Photography with any questions.


Photo Tours

Half day or full day photo excursions to locations of your choice for optimal photo opportunities. Prices subject to location, size of party and length of excursion.