Karrer Photography offers a wide variety of photographs to try and find an image for everyone!  Our people gallery is full of people, young and old, having fun at their favorite sports and past times and also photographs of people hard at work.  If you are a bird lover be sure and check out the Bird House gallery for a wonderful collection of herons, egrets, bluebirds, ducks and many, many more photos of our fine feathered friends !  We have a Cars Boats & Things gallery for those who like photographs of the things that get us around, whether it's an antique car or truck, a motorcycle, a fishing boat or even the graffiti on an old train that gets your attention as it did mine.  There is a Music gallery with various street musicians and their instruments, lots of Animals and Marine Life as well as beautiful Landscapes & Waterways of all kinds, City Scenes from places big and small and a colorful array of Flowers !  I also really enjoy taking Double Exposure and Time Lapse Art photographs as well as doing some digitally enhanced photographs and you will find some of these in all of the galleries. 

High resolution, large format, original prints for sale.  We also have a large selection of magnets, greeting cards, posters and T-shirts for retail or wholesale.  Made in the U.S.A.